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Keeping on top of HFC refrigerant phase-outs

Keeping on top of HFC refrigerant phase-outs

Date: 20-10-2016

Author: Actrol

As you would be aware there has been muchdiscussion in world news about HFC refrigerantsand their effect on global warming. Currently theseparticular man-made refrigerants are being heavilydiscussed under the International Montreal ProtocolFramework, and the Australian Government has puttheir first foot forward in addressing climate changeby proposing a gradual phase-down plan.

In July, the Australian government announced theywill introduce a legislative phase-down of HFCimports which will begin as of January 2018. It willbe a similar phase-down as freshly completed withHCFC refrigerants and will be implemented at aslow and gradual pace that the industry is morethan capable of handling.

So what does this mean for you?

The new legislation will provide importers of HFCrefrigerants with a quota they cannot exceed. Everytwo years the quota will be reviewed and reduced,based on historical import volumes. ACTROL hasmore than adequate availability - so don’t panic!

The gradual replacement of R134A with refrigerantR123YF in the automotive industry will help free upour quota for other HFCs, and in the near future wewill have alternatives already developed forcommon HFCs like R404A and R410A availablefor you in store.

The outcome of this phase-down will ensure Australiawill reduce its HFC emissions by a predicted 85%by 2036, and help establish us as worldleadersand innovators in the refrigerantand cooling industry.