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  • BBJ Threaded Rod
  • BBJ Nut
  • BBJ Centre Wall Plate Hanger
  • BBJ Channel Nut with Spring
  • BBJ Hex Screw
  • BBJ Flat Washer
  • BBJ Horizontal Wall Plate Hanger
  • BBJ Vertical Wall Plate Hanger
  • BBJ Masonry Anchor
  • BBJ Hex Joiner

BBJ Rod & Accessories

M10 Rod

Cat.No. Part No. Description Length: m
209255 PTR10Z M10 Threaded Rod Zinc Plated 3

Nuts & Accessories

Cat.No. Part No. Description Pack Qty
209256 PHN10Z M10 Hex Nuts Zinc Plated 25
209257 PFW10Z M10 Flat Washer Zinc Plated 25
209261 PLD10M M10 x 40mm Masonry Anchor 4
209265 PRC10Z M10 Hex Nut Coupler 4
209258 PHS1040Z M10 x 40mm Hex Screw Zinc Plated 4
209259 PE1008Z M10 Channel Nut With Spring Zinc Plated 4

Wall Plate Hangers

Cat.No. Part No. Description Pack Qty
209262 PEVMP10 M10 Wall Plate Hanger Vertical 4
209263 PECMP10 M10 Wall Plate Hanger Centre 4
209264 PEHMP10 M10 Wall Plate Hanger Horizontal 4

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