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Unit Frames

  • Big Foot Unit Mount

Big Foot Unit Mounts

Big Foot support systems are a simple and universal framework to support units on flat roofs or on the ground. By utilising large 305mm² feet, the unit frame spreads the weight of plant on roofs and other surfaces reducing the point loading.

The system is modular with each module designed to support up to 2 units. Using connector kits, modules can be quickly joined together to support 3 or more units or larger singular units. For total flexibility, both the leg assemblies and crossbars slide up and down the framework to the required location.


  • Hot dipped galvanised metalwork
  • Complete onsite flexibility
  • Easy to join modules
  • Cost effective
  • Simple and quick to assemble and adjust
  • A rigid and sturdy structure when tightened
  • Flat pack system for easy transport
  • Ideal for refrigeration or air conditioning units of all sizes and types


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Cat.No. Part No. Description Dimensions Height Adj. Max. Load
209291 B6075 Modular Unit Mounting Framework Kit 1m x 1.3m 245 to 350mm (floor to framework) 480kg (120kg per foot)

Connector Kits

Cat.No. Part No. Description
209292 B6085P Straight Connector Kit

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