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Anti-Sweat Controls

  • Emerson ACC Anti-Condensate Control
  • Emerson ACC Anti-Condensate Dew Point Sensor
  • Emerson ACC Anti-Condensate Temperature Sensor

Emerson ACC Series

The Control Link ACC Anti-Condensate Control system from Emerson is a standalone controller for anti-sweat heaters in glass door cases. The Control Link ACC varies anti-sweat heat based on dew point and temperature around the door frame, providing effective control of door sweat with the maximum amount of energy savings.

The controller is designed to mount in the mullion between glass doors or in any other suitable electrical enclosure. The door frame temperature sensor and dew point sensors are mounted remotely and connect to the controller with cable harnesses.


  • Works standalone and can be networked with Emerson E2
  • 1 x ACC can control up to 10amps
  • Fits in mullion or electrical raceway
  • Zero cross switching - minimises electrical noise and ensures long life of triac




Installation and Operating Instructions



Included in the kit:

  • ACC Control
  • Temperature Sensor
  • Dew Point Sensor
Cat.No. Part No. Description
149082 815-6102 ACC Anti-Condensate Control Kit


Cat.No. Part No. Description
149080 815-6101 ACC Anti-Condenstate Control with Temperature Sensor
149081 814-6115 ACC Anti-Condensate Dew Point Sensor

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