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Liquid Flow Switches

  • Johnson F61 Paddle Series
  • Johnson F61SB-9100
  • Johnson F61KB-11

Johnson F61 Paddle Series

This flow switch may be used in liquid flow lines carrying water, ethylene glycol or any liquid not harmful to brass or phosphor bronze and not classified as a hazardous fluid. Switch contacts are SPDT.



Installation and Operating Instructions


Liquid Flow Switches

Cat.No. Part No. Connections: inches Enclosure Liquid Pressure Maximum kPa Liquid Temperature Ambient Temperature Minimum °C Electrical Rating: AC
Maximum °C Minimum °C
143289 F61KB-11 1 MNPT IP30 General Purpose 1034 (150) 120 4 -34 8 Amp 240V
143297 F61MB-1 2 MNPT IP66 Raintight 1034 (150) 120 -29 -34 8 Amp 240V

Replacement Stainless Steel Paddle Kit

Stainless Steel Paddle 1, 2, 3 and 6 inch.

To suit:

  • F61SB-9100
  • F61KB-11
  • F61MB-1

Liquid Flow Switches.

  • Replacement Stainless Steel Paddle Kit
Cat.No. Part No. Description
143298 KIT21A602 Includes 1, 2, 3 and 6 inch Stainless Steel Paddle

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