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AKO Control Series

The AKO Series are used to display and control the temperature of heating or cooling systems. Temperature indication is in 1°C increments and is displayed on 14mm high red digits.


  • Adjustable differential from 1 K to 20 K
  • Manual defrost
  • Adjustable time delay, up to 99 minutes
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable defrost time duration, up to 99 minutes
  • Adjustable defrost frequency, from 1 to 99 hours
  • SET POINT temperatures can be set to maximum and minimum limits
  • In case of probe failure the unit displays the anomaly and the relay operates the sequence of the previous 24 hours

Electronic Temperature Controls

Cat.No. Model No. Switch Action Range: °C Differential K Supply Voltage Sensor (Included)
148040 AKO-14123 -50 to 99 NTC AKO-14901 1.5m SPST 8(3)A 230 V. 75 W x 33 H 230 V.

Surface Mount

Cat.No. Model No. Switch Action Range: ºC Differential K Supply Voltage Sensor (Included)
148041 AKO-1560 -50 to 99 PTC AKO-155801 1.5m SPST 16A 230 V. 80 W x 120 H 230 V.

It is recommended that a Relay (Cat. No. 146079) be used in conjunction with the above AKO controls.

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