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Semi Hermetic Reciprocating

  • Bitzer Receiver Unit

Bitzer Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Receiver Units

Bitzer Receiver Units fitted with semi-hermetic compressors enable the use of numerous remote condenser options including both air cooled or water cooled condensers for maximum flexibility.

A wide range of optional factory fitted accessories are available.


Bitzer remote units are supplied standard with the following inclusions:
Bitzer compressor, liquid receiver, dual pressure control with flexible lines mounted on a common frame assembly which is prepared for additional vessel mounting.

CE1 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251460 U07-045 2KES-05Y-R CE1
251461 U07-046 2JES-07Y-R CE1
251462 U07-037 2HES-1Y-R CE1
251463 U07-063 2HES-2Y-R CE1
251464 U07-038 2GES-2Y-R CE1
251465 U07-039 2FES-2Y-R CE1
251466 U07-064 2FES-3Y-R CE1

CE2 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251467 U07-003 2EES-2Y-R CE2
251468 U07-041 2EES-3Y-R CE2
251469 U07-040 2DES-2Y-R CE2
251470 U07-002 2DES-3Y-R CE2
251471 U07-070 2CES-3Y-R CE2
251472 U07-071 2CES-4Y-R CE2

CE3 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251473 U07-007 4FES-3Y-R CE3
251474 U07-008 4FES-5Y-R CE3
251475 U07-005 4EES-4Y-R CE3
251476 U07-006 4EES-6Y-R CE3
251477 U07-004 4DES-5Y-R CE3
251478 U07-049 4DES-7Y-R CE3
251479 U07-044 4CES-6Y-R CE3
251480 U07-043 4CES-9Y-R CE3

CE4 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251481 U07-085 4VES-7Y-R CE4
251482 U07-086 4VES-10Y-R CE4
251483 U07-087 4TES-9Y-R CE4
251484 U07-088 4TES-12Y-R CE4
251485 U07-089 4PES-12Y-R CE4
251486 U07-090 4PES-15Y-R CE4
251487 U07-091 4NES-14Y-R CE4
251488 U07-092 4NES-20Y-R CE4
251510 U07-585 4VES-6Y-R CE4
251511 U07-587 4TES-8Y-R CE4
251512 U07-589 4PES-10Y-R CE4
251513 U07-591 4NES-12Y-R CE4

BE5 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251490 U07-013 4JE-15Y-R BE5
251491 U07-014 4JE-22Y-R BE5
251492 U07-011 4HE-18Y-R BE5
251493 U07-012 4HE-25Y-R BE5
251494 U07-009 4GE-23Y-R BE5
251495 U07-010 4GE-30Y-R BE5
251515 U07-513 4JE-13Y-R BE5
251516 U07-511 4HE-15Y-R BE5
251517 U07-509 4GE-20Y-R BE5

BE6 Series

Cat.No. Part No. Model No. Compressor Series
251496 U07-035 6JE-25Y-R BE6
251497 U07-036 6JE-33Y-R BE6
251498 U07-033 6HE-28Y-R BE6
251499 U07-034 6HE-35Y-R BE6
251500 U07-031 6GE-34Y-R BE6
251501 U07-032 6GE-40Y-R BE6
251502 U07-029 6FE-44Y-R BE6
251503 U07-030 6FE-50Y-R BE6
251518 U07-535 6JE-22Y-R BE6
251519 U07-533 6HE-25Y-R BE6
251520 U07-531 6GE-30Y-R BE6
251521 U07-529 6FE-40Y-R BE6

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