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Data Loggers

Kimo Data Logger External Sensors

Kimo, a European manufacturer, provide quality instruments to measure and record data. The range of data loggers are ideal for the HVAC&R industries enabling the measurement and logging of various system parameters including temperature, humidity, voltage, current and light. Models are available with and without displays along with internal sensors and up to 4 external inputs.

Class 100 Series:

  • A powerful range of mini data loggers, the class 100 series with external input also enables remote
  • measurement of temperature, current, voltage or amperage.



  • Up to16 000 measurement points
  • Measure up to 3 parameters
  • With or without external input
  • 2 configurable set point alarms
  • Magnetic mounting

External Sensors

Cat.No. Part No. Description Range
335210 KCG 50N General Use Temperature Sensor with 50 x 4.5mm stainless steel probe & 2m PVC cable -40 to 120ºC
335211 KCV200N Velcro Temperature Sensor with 200mm Velcro for clamp on pipe measurement. 2m PVC cable -20 to 90ºC
335212 KPIJ 100N Ammeter Clamp Sensor with 2m PVC cable 0 to 100A
335213 KCTJ 10N Voltage Input Sensor. 2m PVC cable 0 to 10V
335214 KCCJ 20N Current Input Sensor. 2m cable 0 to 4/20mA

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