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  • Carel EEV Driver Panel
  • Carel EVO Driver with Display
  • Carel EEV Driver Panel

Carel EVO Drivers

The EVD evolution series of controllers for electronic valves is the latest step in the development of the famous Carel drivers for superheat control. This instrument adds advanced functions and a new user interface that makes it even easier to use and configure. The new TWIN version can independently control two electronic expansion valves, and represents the ideal solution for two circuit units or different control functions (i.e. superheat and hot gas bypass).

A new graphic display and a simple programming procedure allow the controller to be started by selecting just 4 parameters: refrigerant used, model of valve, type of pressure probe and application (chiller, display cabinet, etc.), selected from the multiple choice menus. EVD evolution is complete with LEDs for controlling the main functions, and can house a removable LCD display for the configuration and monitoring of all the variables.

EVD evolution can be connected to PlantVisorPRO supervisor for integrated management of the driver via RS485/Modbus; it can also operate independently (stand alone) using a digital input to switch the device on/off. EVD evolution can work as a simple positioner, using a 4 to 20 mA or 0 to 10 V analogue input signal.

The new EVD evolution series can manage other functions in addition to superheat control, such as hot gas bypass, evaporator pressure control (EPR),
and transcritical CO2 circuits. Connected to a pCO series controller, EVD Evolution can manage superheat on units fitted with Digital Scroll compressors, using a specific algorithm patented by Carel and approved by Emerson Climate Technology.

Combined with the Carel EXV series electronic expansion valves, the EVD evolution driver forms an integrated control system for the evaporator that optimises operation and achieves high levels of energy saving. The Carel electronic expansion valves are currently available for cooling capacities from 0.5kW up to 2000 kW.


  • superheat control with auxiliary protectors - MOP, LOP, low superheat
  • assisted start-up procedure (just 4 parameters)
  • connection diagram visible on the display
  • multilanguage graphic display, with “help” on the various parameters
  • management of multiple units of measure
  • user management with passwords to access different levels of configuration
  • copy parameters to other EVDs using the display
  • LEDs for monitoring the main parameters 
  • use of ratiometric or 4-20mA transducers (the latter shared between several drivers)
  • second digital input for defrost management
  • possibility to use backup probes
  • new supercap power fail module
  • twin version to control two valves
  • algorithm for Digital Scroll applications




Installation and Operating Instructions


Driver Panels

  • Carel EVO Driver with Display
  • Carel EVO Driver with Display
Cat.No. Part No. Description
107174 EVDPN01007 EEV Driver Panel Kit Without Ultracap
107176 EVDPN01008 EEV Driver Panel Kit With Ultracap
107177 EVDPN02008 EEV Twin Driver Panel Kit With Ultracap

Driver Kits

Cat.No. Part No. Description Kit Contents
107170 EVD00N3E5K Driver Kit Carel Valve E2VCABS600, EVD0000E50, SPKT0013R0, SPKC005310, NTC60HF01
107172 EVD00N3E2K Driver Kit Universal Valve E2VCABS60, EVD0000E20, SPKT013R0, SPKC005310, NTC060HF01

Note: The 0-5Vdc ratio-metric pressure transmitter included in the kit can be extended to a maximum distance of 10 meters. For distances up to 30 meters, a 4-20mA transmitter should be used instead.


  • Carel EVO Driver with Display
Cat.No. Part No. Description Description
107164 EVD0000E50 Expansion Valve Driver EVO Carel Valves
107166 EVD0000E20 Expansion Valve Driver EVO Universal Valve Types
107165 EVD0000T50 Twin Expansion Valve Driver EVO Carel Valves
107168 EVDIS00EN0 Removable Plug In Display for EVO Removable Plug In Display for EVO

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