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Air Conditioners & Heating

Agree Air Curtain Brochure [pdf 359 kb]

Dunnair Air Cooled Roof Top Packaged Air Conditioners [pdf 483kb]

Dunnair Air Cooled Split Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf 601kb]

Dunnair Counterflow Energy recovery Ventilator Brochure [pdf 5478 kb]

Dunnair WPR & WPRL Water Cooled Unit Brochure [pdf 1792 kb]

MHI DX Series Inverter Air Conditioners [pdf 4.8mb]

MHI FD Series Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf 3mb]

MHI FD Series 3 Phase Inverter Ducted Air Conditioners [pdf 1.7mb]

MHI Multi Series Inverter Multi-Split System Air Conditioners [pdf 5mb]

MHI SR Series Inverter Residential Air Conditioners [pdf 4mb]

Midea Ducted and Cassette [pdf 2.9mb]

Midea Multi Head Systems [pdf 5.6mb]

Midea Reverse Cycle Split, Window & Portable Air Conditioners [pdf 3.7mb]



Kason Condensate Pan [pdf 221kb]

Lancer Ecco Heat [pdf 4.5mb] - heat recovery systems

Protect Condenser Guard [pdf 804kb]


Brackets & Mounts

Armafix T Insulated Pipe Supports [pdf 691kb]

BBJ Big Foot Mounting Framework [pdf 927kb]

Evolve EVO Crete AC Blocks [pdf 795kb]

Evolve Polyslab Equipment Bases [pdf 919kb]

Propipe Cantilever Brackets [pdf 721 kb]

Propipe SuperSlab [pdf 757kb]

Smartduct Pipe Ducting [pdf 1.9mb]



Bitzer Ecoline Semi Hermetic Compressor [pdf 2937kb]

Bitzer Compressor Product Range [pdf 2.3mb]

Bitzer Compressor Reciprocating Retrofit Guide [pdf 3mb]

Bitzer O to VIIW Open Drive Compressor Brochure [pdf 1521 kb]

Bitzer 2T.2 to 6F.2 Open Drive Compressor Brochure [pdf 1981 kb]

Copeland CF and CS Compressor Catalogue [pdf 1096 kb]

Copeland Stream Compressor [pdf 801kb]

Maneurop SM/SZ/SY Quick Reference Brochure [pdf 572 kb]

SCI Rotary Compressor [pdf 1899]


Condensing Units

Acpac Packaged Refrigeration Condensing Units [pdf 4.9mb]

Bitzer Ammonia Chiller Packages [pdf 1.4mb]

Bitzer CS Series Compact Slimline Condensing Units [pdf 603kb]

Bitzer IS Series Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Condensing Units [pdf 2.3mb] - indoor air cooled

Bitzer LCS Series Outdoor Condensing Units [pdf 4.1mb]

Bitzer LIS Series [pdf 3.8mb]

Bitzer Platinum Series Air Cooled Condensing Units [pdf 2.3mb]

Bitzer Pressure Vessels Suction Accumulator [pdf 770kb]

Bitzer Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Compressor Outdoor Aircooled Condensing Units [pdf 3.2mb]

Bitzer Water Cooled Condensers [pdf 604kb]

Copeland ZX Platform Scroll Packaged Condensing Units [pdf 1mb]

HTA, HTA EVO and EVO Scroll Refrigeration Condensing Units [pdf 2mb]

Maneurop Optyma Condensing Units [pdf 1738kb]

Tecumseh AE2 Condensing Units [pdf 1mb]

Tecumseh Semi Hermetic Compressor and Unit Brochure [pdf 1mb]


Controls & Measurements

Carel FCM, FCS Fan Speed Control Brochure [pdf 205kb]

Carel FCP Fan Speed Control Brochure [pdf 1076kb]

Carel IR33 [pdf 941kb]  - panel mount series

Carel MasterCella [pdf 240kb] - wall mount temperature thermostat

Dunnair DAT-770 [pdf 729kb]

Emerson ACC Anti-Condensate Control Brochure [pdf 190kb]

Paragon Commercial 9 Series Defrost Timers [pdf 1.7mb]

Phasefale Joule Controller [pdf 903kb]

Phasefale TACmV2 Controller [pdf 903kb]

Phasefale RAM Refrigerant Air Monitor Brochure [pdf 529 kb]

Phasefale VatPac Controller [pdf 466kb]

Regulator ET46 [pdf 86kb]

Regulator TC5044 [pdf 177kb]

Regulator TR2100/TR4100 Remote Sensors Brochure [pdf 371kb]

Regulator TR2104/TR2113/TR2114/TR4114 Remote Sensors Brochure [pdf 93kb]

Regulator TR3800 Series Smart Sensors Brochure [pdf 1502kb]


Driers, Filters & Sightglasses

Emerson Alco CSFD Drier [pdf 198kb]

Emerson Alco EK Filter Drier [pdf 519kb]

Emerson Alco EK Filter Drier Straight Facts Brochure [pdf 370kb]

Emerson Alco HMI Sight Glass Brochure [pdf 465 kb]

Flanders MERV8 Disposable Filters Brochure [pdf 1094 kb]



Emerson CSS Series Soft Starter Brochure [pdf 278kb]

ICM Controls UMSR-50 Universal Relay Brochure [pdf 591 kb]

Thermon CCH Heater Specifications [pdf 795kb]

Thermon CDH Heater Specifications [pdf 795kb]

Thermon FLX Heater Cable Specifications Brochure [pdf 273 kb]


Evaporators & Condensers

Actrol Cabinet Coolers [pdf 182kb]

Buffalo Trident BBM/L Series - Induced Draught Heavy Duty Evaporators [pdf 4.2mb]

Buffalo Trident Casca Tech CO2 Series Evaporators and Liquid Recirculation Air Coolers [pdf 1.1mb]

Buffalo  Trident Cyclone Series Medium and Low Temperature Evaporators [pdf 1.9mb]

Buffalo Trident Delta Series Air Cooled Condensers [pdf 1mb]

Buffalo Trident KK Series Heavy Duty Blast Evaporators [pdf 2.5mb]

Buffalo Trident PC Series Draught Evaporators [pdf 454kb]

Buffalo Trident PS Series & PSLE Series [pdf 755kb]

Buffalo Trident PSM EC Series [pdf 755kb]

Buffalo Trident RC C Series Air Cooled Condensers [pdf 6mb]

Buffalo Trident VB Series Air Cooled Condensers [pdf 3.2mb]

Buffalo Trident FMC Series Air Cooled Condensers [pdf 2.9mb]

Cabero ACW Condensers [pdf 3928kb]

Cabero Evaporators [pdf 1.2mb]


Motors, Fans & Pumps

Aspen Low Profile ERRP Refrigeration Pump [pdf 106 kb]

Aspen Mini Orange Condensate Pump Brochure [pdf 139 kb]

Aspen Maxi Orange Condensate Pump Brochure [pdf 152 kb]

Aspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump Brochure [pdf 127 kb]

Aspen Maxi Lime Condensate Pump Brochure
[pdf 129 kb]

Aspen Mini Blanc Condensate Pump Brochure [pdf 108 kb]

Aspen Mini Aqua Condensate Pump Brochure [pdf 116 kb]

Aspen Universal Peristaltic Pump Brochure [pdf 116 kb]

Aspen Refrigeration Pumps [pdf 111kb]

Axiom Fan Blades [pdf 398kb]

Blue Diamond Series [pdf 173kb] - condensate pump

Blue Diamond MegaBlue Brochure [pdf 644 kb]

Blue Diamond MaxiBlue Brochure [pdf 729 kb]

Blue Diamond MiniBlue Brochure [pdf 657 kb]

CMG Fasco Evaporative Cooler Pumps Brochure [pdf 54 kb]

ebm-papst Alpha Evaporative Cooler Pump Brochure [pdf 1592 kb]

ebmpapst IQ [pdf 996kb]

Propipe Super Pump Evaporative Cooler Pump [pdf 268kb]

Refco Condensate Pumps Brochure [pdf 1064 kb]

Sauermann SI2052 Pump Brochure [pdf 111 kb]

Sauermann Si 30 Pump Brochure [pdf 275 kb]

Sauermann Si 33 Pump Brochure [pdf 875 kb]

Sauermann Si 82 Pump Brochure [pdf 1013 kb]

Sauermann Si 1805 Pump Brochure [pdf 1016 kb]

Sauermann Si 1830 Pump Brochure [pdf 479 kb]

Sauermann Si 1822 Pump Brochure [pdf 356 kb]

Sauermann Si 1850 Pump Brochure [pdf 533 kb]

Sauermann Delta Pack Pump Brochure [pdf 228 kb]

Sauermann Si 1082 Pump Brochure [pdf 143 kb]

Sauermann Si 93 Pump Brochure [pdf 1.7 mb]

Sauermann Easy 10 Pump Brochure [pdf 155 kb]

Sauermann PE5200 Peristaltic Pump Brochure [pdf 299 kb]

Sauermann PE5100 Peristaltic Pump Brochure [pdf 499 kb]

Sauermann PE5000 Peristaltic Pump Brochure [pdf 465 kb]

Sauermann PE6250 Peristaltic Pump Brochure [pdf 175 kb]

Soler and Palau Fan Decks [pdf 583kb] - direct drive

Soler and Palau Radial Fans [pdf 1.8mb] - single and three phase external rotor radial fans

Soler and Palau Rotorex [pdf 1.3mb] - external rotor fans for airconditioning and refrigeration equipment


Pressure Vessels & Oil Management

Bitzer Pressure Vessels Centrifugal Oil Separators [pdf 448kb]

Bitzer Pressure Vessels Liquid Receivers [pdf 560kb]


Receiver Units

Bitzer ComMech Series [pdf 10mb]

Bitzer G5 CO2 Series DX Hybrid Rack [pdf 210kb]

Bitzer iRAC Series [pdf 474kb]

Copeland Digital Receiver Unit HLR [pdf 1.1mb]


Refrigeration Systems

Eidis Coolroom Refrigeration Systems [pdf 4mb]

Eidis Low Profile Coolroom Refrigeration Systems [pdf 2mb]


Refrigerant, Oils & Gases

Appion Vacuum Pump Oil [pdf 349kb]

Extol AB Series Oil [pdf 96kb]

Extol HDT Series Oil [pdf 152kb]

Extol SRO POE Series Oil [pdf 179kb]

Extol TB Series Oil [pdf 28kb]

Forane 427A the Low GWP Retrofit Solution for R22 Installations [pdf 9mb]

Shell S2 FR-A Oil Brochure [pdf 45kb]

Shell S4 FR-F Oil Brochure [pdf 50kb]

Shell S4 FR-V Oil Brochure [pdf 50kb]


Service Consumables

Armaflex Accessories [pdf 1315kb]

Cliplight Super Change [pdf 737kb]

Emerson Alco AOK Acid Test Kit [pdf 174kb]

Refrigeration Technologies Cleaner Selection Guide [pdf 8.3mb]

Refrigeration Technologies Defender Oil Coating [pdf 690kb]

Viper Wet Rag Heat Blocking Putty [pdf 1.9mb]



Appion G5 Twin Recovery Unit Brochure [pdf 578 kb]

Appion G1 Single Recovery Unit Brochure [pdf 609 kb]

Appion TEZ8 Vacuum Pump Brochure [pdf 890 kb]

Appion TEZ Advantage Brochure [pdf 1769 kb]

Appion Valve Core Removal Tool Brochure [pdf 350 kb]

Appion Weight Speed Reliability Brochure [pdf 2536 kb]

DV41AU Supernova Brochure [pdf 511 kb]

Fluke 324 Clamp Meter Brochure [pdf 896 kb]

Fluke VT02 Visual IR Thermometer Brochure [pdf 2556 kb]

Inficon D-TEK Select Brochure [pdf 379 kb]

Inficon TEK-Mate Brochure [pdf 188 kb]

Nitro 3000 Brochure [pdf 733 kb]

Platinum Vacuum Pump Brochure [pdf 299 kb]

Robinair Refrigerant Recovery Machine [pdf 535kb]

Super Ego Ratchet Flaring Tool Brochure [pdf 1198kb]

Super Ego R32 Vacuum Pump Brochure [pdf 903 kb]

Super Ego Super Flare Flaring Tool Brochure [pdf 224 kb]

Super Ego Superjet Brochure [pdf 535 kb]

Tesuco Nitrogen Purge Tools Brochure [pdf 272 kb]

Tesuco Nitrogen Regulator Brochure [pdf 272 kb]

Tesuco Welding, Brazing and Cutting Kits [pdf 2.9mb]

The Tank Oil Caddy Brochure [pdf 1518 kb]


Tube & Fittings

Actrol Pair Coil [pdf 413kb]

Castel Vibration Eliminators Brochure [pdf 857 kb]

Crane Refrigeration Copper Brochure [pdf 835 kb]

EzTrap EZT113 [pdf 48kb]

EzTrap EZT150 [pdf 118kb]

EzTrap EZT150 Operating Principles [pdf 354kb]

Kembla Pair Coil Max Brochure [pdf 728 kb]

KuhlPair [pdf 3.1mb]

Pacific Duct [pdf 421kb]

Smartduct Pipe Ducting [pdf 1.9mb]

SuperlonFR Insulation [pdf 1mb]

SuperPairFR [pdf 1mb]



Emerson Alco TX Valves HF Series [pdf 104kb]

Carel E2V Electronic Expansion Valves [pdf 438kb]

Carel E3V and E4V Electronic Expansion Valves [pdf 491kb]

Carel E5V and E7V Electronic Expansion Valves [pdf 390kb]

Carel EEV Driver Panel Brochure [pdf 3982kb]

Carel EEV R410A Case Study [pdf 1mb]

Danfoss GBC Ball Valves Brochure [pdf 3027 kb]

Danfoss TX Valves TUA and TUAE Series Solder Brochure [pdf 3.6mb]

Danfoss TX Valves TE - TE55 Series Brochure [pdf 998kb]