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Installation and Operating Instructions


Kason Condensate Pan Instructions [pdf 188kb]

Brackets & Mounts

BBJ Big Foot Mounting Framework Assembly [pdf 391kb]

Evolve Composites Polyslab Installation [pdf 377kb]

Rodigas Electric Hoist Instructions [pdf 361kb]

Rodigas MT650 Brackets [pdf 422kb] - adjustable sloping roof kit installation



L'Unite Hermetique Instruction Manual [pdf 670kb]


Condensing Units

Acpac Semi Hermetic Reciprocating Fan Speed Control Adjustment [pdf 164kb]

Condensing Unit Installation Instructions [pdf 429kb]

Copeland ZX Platform Product Manual [pdf 6mb]

Tecumseh HTA Condensing Unit Cover Assembly Drawing [pdf 99kb] - small

Tecumseh HTA Condensing Unit Cover Assembly Drawing [pdf 112kb] - medium

Tecumseh HTA Condensing Unit Cover Assembly Drawing [pdf 115kb] - large


Controls & Measurement

Alco FD113 Differential Pressure Control Operating Instructions [pdf 108kb]

Alco PS1-2 Pressure Controls Operating Instructions [pdf 1mb]

Alco PS3 Pressure Control Operating Instructions [pdf 744kb]

Carel IR32POLBRO Replacement Guide [pdf 183kb]

Carel IR33 Application Guide [pdf 2.8mb]

Carel IR33 CM Retrofit Control Kit Application Guide [pdf 180kb]

Carel IR33 Compressor Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 18kb]

Carel IR33 Condenser Probe Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 19kb]

Carel IR33 Condenser Probe Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 19kb] - 12V/24V

Carel IR33 Condenser Probe Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 17kb] - 240V

Carel IR33 Cool Heat Application Guide [pdf 18kb]

Carel IR33 Cooling Off Cycle Defrost Medium Temperature Application Guide [pdf 17kb]

Carel IR33 Cooling Only Application Guide [pdf 17kb] - 12V/24V

Carel IR33 Cooling Only Application Guide [pdf 17kb] - 240V

Carel IR33 Coolroom Application Guide [pdf 70kb]

Carel IR33 Defrost by Time Termination Low/Medium Temperature Application Guide [pdf 18kb]

Carel IR33 Freezer Room Application Guide [pdf 55kb]

Carel IR33 Platform User Manual [pdf 1.8mb]

Carel IR33 Programming Guide [pdf 147kb]

Carel IR33 Pumpdown Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 18kb]

Carel IR33 Real Time Defrost Initiation Low Temperature Application Guide [pdf 56kb]

Carel IR33 Low Temperature Application [pdf 18kb] - temp termination

Carel Mastercella Heat & Cool with Defrost Application Guide [pdf 36kb]

Carel Mastercella Installation Instructions [pdf 224kb]

Johnson Controls W42 Master Catalogue [pdf 107.6kb]]

Evaporators & Condensers

Bitzer Water Cooled Condenser Instructions [pdf 604kb]

Buffalo Trident Delta Series Air Cooled [pdf 598kb]

Buffalo Trident RC-C Series Air Cooled [pdf 206kb]

Buffalo Trident BR Series Low Temperature [pdf 178kb]

Buffalo Trident BR Series Medium Temperature [pdf 143kb]

Cabero CH & CHE Installation Instructions [pdf 316kb]

Evaporator Unit & Cabinet Cooler Installation and Operation Instructions [pdf 578kb]


Motors, Fans & Pumps

Cabero SFC General Fan Information [pdf 262kb]

Sauermann SI 93 Installation Instructions [pdf 3.8mb]


Pressure Vessels & Oil Management

TraxOil Oil Level System

TR Series OM3-4 Operating Instructions [pdf 866kb]
Oil Monitoring System OW4 Operating Instructions [pdf 271 kb]
OM 230V Cable Assembly Operating Instructions [pdf 247kb]

Receiver Units

Copeland HLR Receiver Unit Application Guidelines [pdf 1mb]

Service Consumables

Refrigeration Technologies Cleaner Guide [pdf 1.1mb]



Amprobe Ultrasonic Leak Detector Operating Instructions [pdf 524kb]

Fluke 561 HVAC Pro Application Note [pdf 1.6mb]

Fluke 561 Testing Functions [pdf 668kb]

Fluke 975 Air Meter Calibration Instructions [pdf 40kb]

Refco Digimon Digital Manifold Instructions [pdf 275kb]

Refco Octa Wireless Operating Instructions [pdf 1mb]

Refco Refmeter Octa Operating Instructions [pdf 2mb]



Ball Valves

Alco BVE Series Operating Instructions [pdf 1mb]

Crankcase Pressure Regulators

Alco PRC, PRE, CPR, EPR Operating Instructions [pdf 379kb]

Electronic Expansion Valves

Alco EX Driver Series Operating Instructions [pdf 542kb]

TX Valves

Alco HF Series Installation Instructions [pdf 2mb]

Alco HF/TF/TRAE Series Power Assembly Instructions [pdf 208kb]

Alco T Series Bulbstrap Installation Instructions [pdf 48kb]

Alco Valves T Series Installation Instructions [pdf 272kb]

Alco Valves TI (E) Series Installation Instructions [pdf 170kb]

Alco TI (S) Series Installation Instructions [pdf 218kb]

Alco TI Series Operating Instructions [pdf 419kb]

Alco TRAE Series Installation Instructions [pdf 716kb]

Alco TRAE+ Series Installation Instructions [pdf 716kb]

Danfoss T2/TE2 Series Solder Adaptor User Guide [pdf 1.3mb]

Danfoss T2/TE2 Series Flare x Flare User Guide [pdf 528kb]

Danfoss TGE Installation Instructions [pdf 899kb]

Danfoss TGE Series Quick Reference Catalogue [pdf 2153kb]

Danfoss TUA and TUAE  Series Installation Guide [pdf 206kb]

Water Regulating

Penn V246 Series Installation Instructions [pdf 549kb]
Penn V46 Series Installation Instructions [pdf kb]