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Leak Detection

Refrigerant Leak Detection

Refrigerant leak detection is one of the most important aspects of a tradespersons work however detection of small leaks can be a time consuming process.

Good leak detection equipment enables tradespersons to locate extremely small leaks with precision and speed.


Portable Electronic Leak Detection

Portable electronic leak detectors are highly accurate, reliable and affordable.

A good electronic leak detector will have equal sensitivity to CFCs, HCFC’s, and HFC’s eliminating resetting or switching for different refrigerants. In addition most will automatically compensate for changing background contamination making leak detection fast and reliable.

The TEK-Mate is rugged enough for everyday use but sensitive enough to detect leaks as small as 7 grams per year. Upon detection of a leak it uses a variable intensity audible alarm and a single flashing LED for as a visual alert which is particularly useful in noisy environments such as plant rooms.


Ultrasonic Leak Detection

Ultrasonic sound is a range of sound (>20kHz) that is above the human hearing capacity. Turbulence created by air or a gas forced through a small orifice generates ultrasonic sound.
Ultrasonic leak detection is an ideal method to located leaks in systems pressurised with dry nitrogen.

The ULD-300 Ultrasonic Leak Detector from Amprobe is designed to locate the source of ultrasonic sounds to lead you directly to a leak. The ULD-300 has an optical (10 LED scale) and acoustic indicator (earphone) as well as a thumbwheel for sensitivity selection.


Liquid Spray On Leak Detection

Spray on bubble type leak detection fluids allow accurate pin pointing of leaks as the user can watch bubbles or foam actively brew at the point of leakage.
The failure of many bubble solutions lies in their composition. Most are based on shampoo, bubble bath or dish washing soap, and usually contain artificial thickeners, fluorescent dyes or glycerine that dramatically reduce leak sensitivity.

The most effective bubble solution on the market today is Big Blu as it is specifically formulated to maintain a smooth and silky texture that keeps regenerating bubbles at the site of the smallest gas leaks.


UV Leak Detection

UV light technology - can be used to locate leaks. Typically a UV dye is added to the system and if a leak occurs a small amount of the UV dye which is carried with the oil is deposited at the leak site, this dye can be seen using UV lights.

Dyes - can be added to systems in numerous ways, by use of bottles of dye, capsules or one use cans such as “Flash”.

Flash is an easy to use universal UV dye for refrigeration & air conditioning systems and is compatible with all common refrigerants and oils including R410A. Flash is injected into a system using the systems refrigerant as a propellant. Flash UV dye needs no dye injection tools and is one of the cleanest; “no mess” ways to add UV dye to a system.

UV Lights - To enable the tradesperson to see the UV dye at the site of a leak a UV light must be used. Many UV lights are available from Actrol such as the compact and easy to use Fluke RLD2.