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Refrigeration Condensing Units

Refrigeration systems consist of four major components, these are the compressor, condenser, expansion device (usually a TX valve) and evaporator. A condensing unit is a compressor and condenser mounted together on a base. A receiver unit is a compressor mounted on a base with a liquid receiver and a rack unit is multiple compressors mounted on a base with a liquid receiver.

Actrol have a variety of condensing units available to suit many different commercial refrigeration applications. Typical applications include under-bar cabinets, display fridges, walk-in coolrooms, walk-in freezers, food processing and beverage cooling in restaurants, shops, supermarkets, take-away stores, food manufacturers, farms, pubs and clubs.

Actrol refrigeration units can be put into three major categories:


Indoor Condensing Units

This is the most popular unit style and is usually located under shelter, however Actrol do have unit covers available for most models to allow installation outdoors.

Indoor units come with or without liquid lines fitted and with or without full electrical wiring. Time poor customers will often select a fitted unit as this reduces installation time, however when time permits many customers will opt for a less expensive non fitted unit.


Packaged Condensing Units

This style is rapidly growing in popularity as it is suited to outdoor installations and is quick to quote, install, commission and looks good every time. Although the initial equipment price is usually higher, the total installed price for the contractor is often the same due to labour savings. As many of the parts are included it is less likely the contractor will forget any components so less labour and cost over-runs are experienced.


Receiver Units and Multi Compressor Racks

The main difference with these units is they don’t include the condenser. This allows the condenser to be sized around any specific site design conditions, to be either air or water cooled and to be located away from the unit. This style unit is especially popular in larger installations where the physical condenser size makes it impractical to install indoors. Multi compressor rack units are often installed in supermarkets.