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Unit Mounts and Brackets

There are many choices that need to be made when selecting air conditioning equipment. Obviously it starts with “what size unit do I need”, but from there it can be confusing. When it comes to mounting an outdoor unit, there are many different options, each one with its own benefits.

But why choose one over another?

There could be a number of reasons:

  • Available room
  • Unit size and weight
  • Cost
  • Design features
  • Distance from entry point
  • Proximity to coastal regions
  • Familiarity

That last point is often the case. Why change if you are familiar and comfortable with a particular product. True, but it’s just as important to know what is out there. So let’s go through the options.


Rubber Mounts

Small rubber mounts that are individually fixed to the mounting holes of an outdoor unit. Also available are rubber mounting pads, which lie under an outdoor unit. Both products are very good for vibration absorption.


Composite Mounts

This technology has produced many different products, all of which have the inherent benefit of being lightweight and therefore much safer than the heavy precast concrete alternatives. The Polyslab range, with its numerous designs, can be used for not only outdoor units, but for hot water systems as well.

Completing the range are reinforced cellular concrete mounting blocks, much lighter than standard concrete blocks.


Wall and Roof Brackets

You could spend hours going through the options in this group alone, however here is a summary that may help.

Adjustable wall brackets – A horizontal bar allows the legs to be moved to different widths, allowing them to be used with units of different dimensions. These come in powder coated steel, or 304 grade stainless steel for coastal areas. Also come with an inbuilt level to assist with placement.

Adjustable roof brackets – With features similar to the wall brackets (inbuilt level and powder coated), these can be mounted on roofs of varying pitches.

Galvanised brackets – Supplied as a pair, suitable for high humidity and coastal areas.