CAREL MPX Pro Master Control MX30M21H00

Product code: 2707858


The MPXPRO platform has been designed for the complete control of multiplexed showcases, with special focus not only on energy performance and flexibility, but also on simplicity of use and installation. It can independently manage the operation of a refrigeration unit, implement a vast series of functions and emergency procedures to avoid critical situations, control stepper or PWM electronic expansion valves, synchronise a master-slave network with a maximum of 5 units, and connect to the supervisor network for complete monitoring of the installation.


- Dimensions 109W x 132H x 85D mm
- Index of protection: IP00
- Temperature inputs: NTC for all models, PTC and Pt1000
- Pressure inputs: Ratiometric (0-5V), 4-20mA and 0-10V for all models

Carel MPX Pro Controller
Carel MPX Pro Controller