DC3 Cold Room Kit 8.5kw
DC3 Cold Room Kit 8.5kw
DC3 Cold Room Kit 8.5kw
DC3 Cold Room Kit 8.5kw

DC3 Cold Room Kit 8.5kw


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Product Summary

The DC-3 is a revolutionary system which will redefine our industry with a plug and play solution for walk in/reach in cool rooms.

Its birth began with Actrol drawing on the expertise of four world renowned organisations to work together to produce what we now know as the DC-3 Smart Refrigeration System. Siam Compressor Industries supply the brushless DC scroll compressor, Carel provide the electronic controls, Tecumseh manufacture the condensing unit, and Cabero supply the uniquely specified evaporator fitted with EVD ice.


Product Information
Description DC3 COLD ROOM KIT 8.5KW
Technical Information
Refrigerant R404A
Information The General Purpose kit is designed for packaged products that are vapour sealed such as bottled beverages and plastic wrapped foods.

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Spare Parts

Heldon Suction Accumulator 7/8"

E2V Unipolar Stator 2mt Cable

Carel 3M Auxiliary Board Connector S90CONN001

Carel 1.5M Temperature Stainless Steel Sensor NTC015Wh03

Carel 2M Transducer Cable SPKC002313

Carel Pressure Transmitter 0 -5 VDC SPKT00B6P0

Carel Clamp Temperature Probe NTC030HF03

Castel Liquid/Moist Indicator 1/2Ods 3940-4

Castel Check Valve 1/2ODS 3132/4

Castel 1/2 Flare Drier D330/4 DF330/4

Castel 3/8 ODS Solenoid Valve 1068/3A7

Castel Packed Cap Line Valve 1/2ODS 6420/4

Castel Ball Valve with Access Point 3/8Ods 6570/3A

Castel Ball Valve with Access Point 1/2Ods 6590/4A

Castel Ball Valve with Access Point 7/8Ods 6590/7A

Carel Press Tx 0 to 17.3bar 0-5V

Carel NTC High Temp Stainless Steel Probe 3.0m SS

Carel Commissioning Tool PGD1 PGDEWBOFZK

Tecumseh Relief Valve Aj17430 (3/8")

CABERO Fan S3G350Ap0160 350mm S-Series

Tecumseh Front Panel DC3 Acpac Vsd

DC3 Left Panel Small

Tecumseh Partition 5 Row Acpac VSD DC3

DC3 Comp Partition Panel

DC3 Electrical Panel Small

DC3 Right Panel Small

DC3 Support Controller

DC3 Main Panel Medium

DC3 Electrical Door Panel

DC3 Baseplate Small

DC3 Top Panel APDC8.5Ml2-1

Tecumseh Fan Grill 350mm Acpac VSD DC3

DC3 Med 5 Row (Blue Fins) 733026H

DC3 Electrical Panel Assembly Small

Tecumseh 10L Receiver Br-1004 DC3 Acpac VSD

Tecumseh DC3 CDU To Ultracella Cable

Tecumseh DC3 Ultracella To EVD Ice Evaporator Cable

DC3 Acpac VSD Pallet Medium 2 Fan

DC3 Oil Separator Muto-A2053N

DC3 Thermoacoustic Shell SC00G218H01

DC3 Low Pressure Control 061F7520 ACB-2UA520W

DC3 High Pressure Control 061F8492 ACB-2UB463W

DC3 Compressor ADB33FS1MTS

DC3 Acpac VSD Box 1670X725X250ABF

DC3 Acpac VSD Box 1640X690X810ABF

Carel E2v-Z 1/2" - Brass Body

Carel E2v-Z Size 09 Cartridge

Carel Power+ 18 A 380-480V VAC 3PH IP20/IP44 PSD1018400

Carel PLDPRO Display with Buzzer PLD00GFP00

Carel UltraCella DC Cella for Actrol Double Digit Display White + 1pc NTC060HP00 WBAC1DW0FK

Carel DC Choke 1.6MH for PSD1 18A PSACH10100

Tecumseh Spare Base Support A (Short)

Tecumseh Spare C Bracket (Filter Drier)

Tecumseh Spare Bracket (PCLV)

Tecumseh Spare Support

Tecumseh Spare Bracket Support Filter Drier

Tecumseh Spare Baseplate Support (Long)

Tecumseh Spare Support Suction Filter

Tecumseh Spare Suction Filter Bracket

Tecumseh ACPAC DC-3 APDC8.5Ml2-1

Cabero Evaporator For DC3 CH4C2/35DC3-1

Castel Suction Line Filter Core

Castel Drier Shell 1 Core 7/8" ODS 45BAR

Castel Oil Strainer 3/8 Flare 45BAR 4510/3