E/Cable Cable 2.5mm 2C+E Flex Orange F3025-OR

Product Code: 2711609

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General Information
Pack Length 100 mm
Part Number F3025-OR
Core Colour Brown, Light Blue
Sheath Colour Orange Grey
Technical Information
Application * 2 core ordinary duty cables can be used in dry situations for double insulated appliances & luminaries, e.g., hand help lamps, sewing machines, & office machines, where the cable may be subject to some mechanical stress but not rough usage
* 2 core heavy duty cables for double insulated tools & hand held lights where there is likely to be rough usage, suitable for damp/ wet conditions
* 3 core flexible cables in ordinary duty & heavy duty sized 1.0mm2 & above can be used for extension leads & for domestic appliances
* 4 & 5 core ordinary duty flexible cables are suitable for industrial & office equipment requiring three phase supply & earth connection
* 3 core heavy duty flexible cable is suitable for portable tools used for industrial applications exposed to rough handling
* 4 & 5 core heavy duty flexible cables can be used for portable factory machine & mobile units e.g. industrial vacuum cleaner, sweepers etc.
Nominal Area 2.5 mm2
Number of Cores 2 + E
Stranding No/mm 50/0.25 x 3
Information Conductor: Plain annealed copper wire
Insulation: PVC V75
Sheath: PVC V75
Voltage: 250/250V (fig 8) ; 250/440V (Ordinary Duty) ; 0.6/1kV (Heavy Duty)
Standards: AS3191
Size and Dimensions
Insulation Thickness 0.8 mm
Nominal Outside Diameter 10.2 mm
Sheath Thickness 1.1 mm

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