Emerson TCLE TX Valve Cage Orifice Type X22440-B5B

Product code: 2707114


EMERSON T Series Take A Part Thermostatic Expansion Valves, with adjustable superheat and replaceable, interchangeable components are ideal for original equipment and field replacements in air conditioning, heat pump, and refrigeration applications. The 'T' Series has unlimited versatility with thousands of valve combinations to fit all applications (from heat pumps and air conditioners to commercial refrigeration). If service is required, the removal of the two cap screws disassembles the valve without requiring that the line connections to the body be broken.

Field-proven for over 50 years, EMERSON Take A Part valves provide dependable, economical service. The 'T' Series is an excellent 'reverse flow' heat pump valve when fitted with the HCA charged power element.

Emerson TCLE TX Valve Cage Orrifice Type X22440-B5B
Emerson TCLE TX Valve Cage Orrifice Type X22440-B5B