MHI FDT 10.0kW Cassette Air Conditioner FDT100AVNVG Kit R410A

Product code: 3132007

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

FDT ceiling cassettes are available in Single or Three phase options with a range of capacities from 6.0 to 14kW.

With new Draught Control Technology and optional new Motion Sensor feature, the FDT series provides comfortable air flow that doesn't create warm or cold draughts and detects the amount of human activity in the room, automatically switching to energy-saving mode at times of low activity.

The 800mm built-in drain pump and up to 100m pipe run makes this range suitable for a variety of residential and commercial spaces.

MHI Cassette AC FDT100AVNVG 10.0kw
MHI Cassette AC FDT100AVNVG 10.0kw