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Maneurop Compressor 3Ph NTZ215-4LR1

Product code: 2708739

Danfoss Maneurop

The Maneurop NTZ series from Danfoss Commercial Compressors is a range of hermetic reciprocating compressors for low evaporating temperature applications. These compressors replace the former LTZ range. The NTZ series is engineered as a true low temperature compressor, optimised at -35 deg C with an extended evaporating temperature range from -45 deg C up to -10 deg C. The compressors can be operated at a return gas temperature (suction gas temperature) of 20 deg C even at low evaporating temperatures.
A liquid injection system is not required. All components are of high quality and precision to assure a long product life. NTZ compressors have a large internal free volume that helps to reduce the risk of liquid hammering. The electrical motor is fully suction gas cooled which means that no additional body cooling is required and it allows the compressor to be insulated with an acoustic hood when the installation requirements call for extra low sound characteristics.

Maneurop Compressor
Maneurop Compressor