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Rectorseal Acid Away Pro 44mls (Pre-Charged)

Product code: 3415030


ACID-AWAY PRO provides a unique approach to help prevent compressor burnouts by effectively removing the acid build up that occurs in refrigeration oils used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems in a ready to use delivery method. It is a safe and easy to use treatment for both hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors of virtually any size that operate with mineral or alkylbenzene type refrigeration oils.
ACID-AWAY PRO has been tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE Standards 86-1983 and 97-1989, various ASTM standards and has been proven to be highly effective in extensive field testing evaluations in a wide variety of compressor sizes, types, brands and severity of burnout conditions.

Acid-Away Pro
Acid-Away Pro