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Rectorseal S/State Switch 1/4Hp-3Hprea-2

Product code: 2711408


For Capacitor Start and Capacitor Start and Run Motors - 0.25 hp to 3 hp, 240 Volt ac, 50Hz.

The REA-2 senses the induced back EMF from the starting winding, engages the start winding for stating ramp up and disengages at 70% to 80% of synchronous speed. If the motor speed falls back to near 50% of synchronous speed then the start winding will re-engage. (This device is not time dependent).

This device cannot be used on split phase motors unless a capacitor is fitted. The largest capacitor is not to exceed 300mf. Maximum current is 25 amps. If a centrifugal switch is fitted this should be removed.