Cabero Low Profile Evaporator Low Temperature LPC4B2/30E-1

Product code: 2710348

Cabero CABERO LOW TEMP > 1.5 kW and < 6 kW

LPC series evaporators are suited for use in smaller coolrooms and freezers, rooms with low ceiling heights or refrigerated cabinets.
The forced draft air flow and reduced cabinet height of the LPC series allows the room loading space to be maximised. LPC evaporators are commonly used in multi door reach in cool and freezer rooms in convenience stores where the air flow is often directed towards the rear of the room. The combination of blue fin coating and 12mm smooth bore copper thick walled copper tubes provide reliable refrigeration performance and the 300mm external rotor forced draft fan motors are energy efficient, quiet and move generous air volumes to reach all corners of the refrigerated space. Installing an LPC is made easy with fully wired fans and defrost heaters. The side panels are removable providing clear access to all internal components and for easier fitting of the TX valve
and the multi refrigerant distributors require no adjustment.
The internally painted drip tray folds down quickly and easily for cleaning of the drip tray and accessing the drip tray defrost heater/s. LPC evaporators are a good choice for all small rooms and cabinets where maximising stock capacity and even temperature of product is important.

Cabero LPC 2 Fan Evaporator
Cabero LPC 2 Fan Evaporator