Copeland Compressor CS20K6E-TFD-595

Product code: 2708759

The Copeland CS welded hermetic compressors are designed for commercial refrigeration applications. They feature a "low-side" gas management system. The steel shell contains cool, low pressure suction gas that surrounds and cools the electric motor and mechanical compressor parts, resulting in lower motor and discharge gas temperatures.

All of Copeland's newer CS products are based on the proven success of the CR6 technology. The flagship CR6 design employs enhanced gas management, better lubrication, and anti-slug suction. The result is improved energy efficiency, reduced sound and discharge pulse and excellent reliability and durability.

Service Pack Compressors with the -595 BOM are ideal for field replacement applications as they are supplied complete with internal motor protection, rubber mounting kit & electrics (single phase only).