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Tecumseh Compressor AJ2 1HP R22 MHBP AJ5513E-FZ

Product code: 3500034

Tecumseh > 1 HP and < 3 HP

The world renowned L'Unite Hermetique compressors are manufactured by Tecumseh


- Charged with polyolester oil and dry nitrogen
- Crankcase heater on FH/TFH and TAG models
- Oil sight glass on FH/TFH and TAG models
- Rotalock valves are included for all valve connection compressors
- Anti-vibration mounts supplied

Tecumseh Compressor AJ5512E-FZ
Tecumseh Compressor AJ5512E-FZ

For over 80 years Tecumseh has revolutionised the refrigeration industry. Engineering the first “hermetic” compressor and the first high-speed hermetically-sealed compressor for commercial applications, the name Tecumseh has become synonymous with refrigeration. Renowned for their innovation and customer centric design process, Tecumseh units are made like no other in their quality, reliability and longevity. So, when you recommend Tecumseh to your customers, you're not only protecting their business, you're protecting your reputation.