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Tecumseh EVO Condensing Unit 2HP R404A LBP EPCL2480Z-1 Phase

Product code: 2709901

Tecumseh > 1 HP and < 3 HP

Tecumseh HTA EVO condensing units offer energy efficient robust refrigeration solutions designed to handle Australia's extremely diverse climatic conditions.

The HTA EVO range is fully factory fitted allowing an exceptionally quick installation. The L'Unite Hermetique compressor and HTA condenser combination ensure reliable refrigeration when you need it most. This is the HTA advantage.

Applications include commercial food and beverage cooling and freezing in pubs, clubs, restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores, cafes, food processors and many more.
Installation is quick and easy as every HTA EVO unit includes all the required vessels and is fully wired to a factory fitted electrical enclosure with contactor, overload, circuit breakers and HP/LP control. All FH, TFH and TAG models include crank case heater and an oil sight glass.

A range of flat packaged unit covers are available to suit every HTA EVO model. The galvanized powder coated unit covers are complete with stainless steel screws and fix directly to the holes provided in the condensing unit base.

Tecumseh HTA EVO condensing units are an impressive solution for your customer's refrigeration requirements.

R448A R449A R452A Approval Sticker
R448A R449A R452A Approval Sticker