Ultrafil 16" x 16" x 2" Filter 80255.021616

Product code: 1602537


The Filtratech extended surface, medium efficiency disposable air filters are used in built up filter banks, central air handling systems, or side access housings. These filters contain a high loft, reinforced non-woven cotton/synthetic blend media continuously laminated to an expanded metal grid and enclosed in high strength carrier board.

Filters are available in three standard thicknesses: 25mm, 50mm and 100mm nominal.
Typically these filters have an average arrestance (Test Dust No. 4) of around 92% and an average efficiency (Test Dust No. 1) of at least 30%. Minimum efficiency (Test Dust No. 1) exceeds 20%. F5 Rated.

Flanders 16" x 16"" x 2"" Filter 80255.021616"
Flanders 16" x 16"" x 2"" Filter 80255.021616"