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When working with plastic piping, such as PVC piping or DWV piping, sometimes you need precisely measured pipes, or something comes up where the pipe you have is too long. Reece has a range of plastic pipe cutters that can cut to length, with precision and no burring.

We have an extensive Rothenberger pipe cutters range including plastic pipe shears for pipes sized 32mm, shears for pipes up to 42mm, and more.

These shears are easy to use and deliver sharp, right-angled cuts to your plastic pipes without deformation.

Having some of the best pipe cutting tools in the business is great, but you also need pipes to go with them.

We have a range of cross-linked polyethylene pipe which can be easily cut with Rothenberger Plasticut

Discover pipe cutters and shears for any plumbing job or other work involving PVC piping and more. Are you setting up some hydroponic gardening? We can help you with that. Vertical gardens too.

Browse our selection online, or drop into the store for a face to face conversation with our experts today.