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Track, measure, and, transfer your cylinders.

Developed to make life much easier when it comes to managing refrigerants, the new wave of Flexitrak will work seamlessly with the maX app to better manage your cylinder fleet. With the intention of becoming standard practice on site, Flexitrak has been re-designed with traceability of cylinders front of mind.

Here are some of the handy features you’ll enjoy with Flexitrak:

The ability to view your company fleet

Need some R22 without purchasing a whole 10kgs? See who’s holding some within your company fleet to avoid lost time travelling to a branch.


The freedom to transfer cylinders

Have more control over your stock by moving cylinders between technicians in real time.



The protection of your entire fleet

Regardless of which wholesaler you purchased a cylinder from, Flexitrak will allow you a holistic view of your fleet.



Understand your refrigerant usage

Record how much refrigerant you used at your last job, to make sure you're always up to date on how much refrigerant you have remaining.