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Leading the way in the refrigerant industry.

With access to a full range of products from the world’s largest refrigerant manufacturers, Prime provides a full suite of refrigerant options and alternatives.


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Refrigerants with a difference

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Refrigerants everywhere - quickly

Prime refrigerant is available at over 100 branches nationwide. It’s supported by The Reece Group logistics structure - meaning regular deliveries to even the most remote areas of Australia.

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The widest variety of refrigerants available

Prime is backed by three different suppliers of refrigerant so we can provide our customers with a greater range of products. We are also the exclusive supplier of R427A, the replacement for R22.

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A new level
of support

Prime offers a vast industry knowledge and provides direction to you the customer as the market moves away from HFC blends into the new HFO refrigerants.

Services that keep you on track

Cylinder tracking systems, specialty rental cylinders, and usage reporting to assist you in managing your business.

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Never run on empty

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With Flexitrak we make sure that your refrigerant and cylinder management is always working perfectly.

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Reclaim cylinders

Prime reclaim cylinders are available for contractors to use to reclaim refrigerant.  Reclaim cylinders containing refrigerant can be returned to any Prime outlet in Australia for destruction by RRA with payment going back to the contractor.

RRA: Refrigerant Reclaim Australia

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Pump down cylinders

Prime pump down cylinders are available to contractors who require clean empty storage cylinders to decant refrigerant from working systems for reuse.

Industry insights

With access to a full range of products and the latest information from global refrigerant manufacturers, Prime stockists can offer you the very best advice and product for your application.

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