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Actrol DC3 cool room

Why DC-3?

On November 1 we said hello to our brand-new DC-3 Smart Refrigeration systems in stores around the country.
Actrol acpac vsd unit

Introducing Acpac Semi's with variable speed drive

The Variable speed drive (VSD) models of the APS Semi hermetic Acpac range include a fully programmed Vacon VSD to adjust the compressor speed to maintain the desired evaporating pressure.
Actrol Prime Refrigerant

R134a – What comes next?

In our last edition of The Gauge, we highlighted the fact that the days of R404A are limited, it’s important to realise the days of all HFC refrigerants are dwindling.
Actrol Tecumseh Indoor units

Round One: Indoor verses Outdoor Condensing Units

Bing bing, let’s get ready to rumble. While both have their place within the industry it’s important you consider which is best for your next job.
Actrol DC 3 Smart refrigeration

What's happening with DC-3 Smart Refrigeration?

While we are still testing these units, we are starting to see some enormous benefits when installing a DC-3 system over a standard refrigeration system, and we think some of...
Actrol DC 3 refrigeration system

All hail the DC-3, smart refrigeration that is going to revolutionise how we do cool rooms.

Introducing a simple plug and play refrigeration system, like a split air conditioner, but in the refrigeration space! This is the first of its kind as we know it and...
Actrol Flexitrak Cylinder management

Improving the way you track cylinders

We want to make the way you track your cylinders easier and more beneficial, so we have been researching how cylinder management applications currently work for you and how they...
Actrol Filter Driers Castel Emerson

Taking a tumble with filter driers. Are you in the solid core or compacted bead corner?

Filter driers are made specifically for different parts of a system, liquid and suction filter driers are the most common types.Hermetically sealed filter driers with flare or solder connections are...
Actrol HVAC ARBS 2018

ARBS 2018 Wrap Up

For the first time Actrol joined forces with Metalflex and Reece HVAC to stand united in the industry as an entire heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration offering.
Actrol Prime refrigerant

R448A a recommended replacement for R404A

R404A is an HFC refrigerant. As you are aware, a quota system is now in place for importing HFC refrigerants and this reduces every two years.
Extol VP 1 4Lt Bottle

Don't be crude, keep it clean with Extol-VP

Specialty refrigeration oils manufacturer Extol has launched a new semi-synthetic lubricant, especially formulated for vac pumps.

Welcome to the family Emerson

We are thrilled to announce that our Actrol stores are now the exclusive stockists of the Emerson Flow range.
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