COOL-FIT – 50% faster to install

What if we told you that you can half your installation time? 

Introducing COOL-FIT, a piping system made from pre-insulated plastic, which means it is 50% faster to install – saving you time and money.  

Having been installed at the likes of Balter Brewing and Burleigh Brewing on the Gold Coast, and Zonzo Estate Winery in the Yarra Valley, COOL-FIT is fast becoming the piping system of choice in commercial applications. 

Manufactured by GF Piping Systems, COOL-FIT is designed for efficient cooling in chilled water, glycol, and brine applications. 

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Featuring two product ranges – COOL-FIT 2.0 and COOL-FIT 4.0 – ensures that the system is a winner for projects of any scale. The range is complete with pipes, fittings, valves, adapters, and flexible hoses. The system is fast and simple to install using electrofusion welding technology. 

COOL-FIT 2.0 is a 3-in-1 pre-insulated plastic piping system used for chilled water that is guaranteed not to corrode or be affected by the formation of condensation. Energy efficient and easy to install, this system is a great solution for building owners, general contractors and planners as part of commercial/residential construction, data centre design and process cooling applications.

View COOL-FIT 2.0 brochure here 

COOL-FIT 4.0 is a complete pre-insulated plastic piping system designed for commercial and industrial refrigeration installations. Safe, lightweight and maintenance-free, this reliable system is ideally suited for fruit, vegetable, dairy or meat processors, wineries, breweries and supermarkets. 

View COOL-FIT 4.0 brochure here

Why should you choose COOL-FIT?

  • 50% faster installation

Save yourself time and labour costs. COOL-FIT is pre-insulated and therefore 50% faster to install compared to metal piping systems. 


  • 65% lighter than metal piping systems

Because it’s lighter than metal, COOL-FIT is easier for you to transport and handle. 

  • 30% more energy efficient

Your customers will love you if save them money. COOL-FIT saves your customer on long-term running costs. 

  • Virtually maintenance-free

Save your customers future headaches. Made from 100% recyclable plastic, the piping system is fully safeguarded against corrosion and condensation. 

  • Convenient and flexible to install

There’s no need for hot works permits. COOL-FIT uses electrofusion welding technology, which means there is no noise disruption to others on the job site.

  • Environmentally friendly

Using 100% recyclable products, the system is highly sustainable and future-proof with zero GWP and ODP. 

For more information on COOL-FIT, speak to your local Actrol or Reece HVAC branch – find your branch here.