For over 85 years, Tecumseh has produced refrigeration units which are designed for real-world performance. 

Utilising techniques developed during his time at Ford Motor Company, Tecumseh founder, Raymond Herrick was the first person to create a commercially viable hermetically sealed compressor for refrigeration. 

From the beginning, the mission was to ensure every unit was built to withstand the test of time. This commitment to quality and reliability has formed a solid foundation which Tecumseh has built upon year after year, decade after decade. 

For over 30 years, its partnership with Actrol has allowed Tecumseh to service the Australian market. Today, Actrol services both Australia and New Zealand with more than 70 branch locations in key metropolitan and regional areas and is continually looking to expand its services.

Tecumseh’s partnership with Actrol ensures units are designed, tried, and rigorously tested to meet the specific requirements of the Australian and New Zealand markets. 

In consultation with Actrol engineers, Tecumseh was able to adapt the design of their units to suit local conditions and improve the installation process for customers.  

Changes included the folded base plate for ease of lifting, the clear placement of wiring diagrams and consistent electrical wiring across all units. 

This is supported by rigorous quality assurance processes and access to Actrol’s local insights. The goal is to ensure Tecumseh units remain durable, reliable, and robust.  

Reliability is critical to the refrigeration industry. A Tecumseh installation means peace of mind because the compressors will continue to perform as expected, reducing the risk to customers.

A Tecumseh recommendation equals protection – customers don’t just protect their business; they protect their reputation. 

This editorial was edited by our staff writers and originally published in Climate Control News – May 2021 edition.