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How Myzone can add value for your customer

Zoning a home air conditioning system has so many great benefits as it allows for a more efficient use of a ducted air conditioning system. A correctly design zoned air conditioning system will provide you with:

• Increased energy efficiency
• Savings on running cost
• Ability to control your comfort level in each zoned air

In a zone ducted air conditioning system, areas in the home are selected to be zoned. These areas could be either a Day/Night zone or separate zoned areas. The air-conditioned areas can then be selectively regulated via zone dampers so that only the areas in use have airflow. By heating or cooling the areas in use your ducted system will work more efficiently as a greater volume of air is going into a smaller area meaning that the required temperature is reached more quickly, saving on running costs.

With increase energy cost when installing your next ducted air conditioner start thinking about what zoning options you can offer your customers and the benefits it will have on their wallet and longevity of the unit. There are several different zoning options from the very basic to the more complex.

One of the premium products we offer is the Myzone 3 tablet. Myzone 3 is a climate control system that gives the home owner the ability to have precise control of the temperature in each room individually. Compatible with the leading air conditioner brands in the industry and the ability to zone up to 14 zones Myzone 3 offers the complete solution for zoning matched with a 10-year warranty. Myzone also offers an easy to use App which enables the home owner to control your air conditioning system via your smart phone or tablet.

• One device to control temperature and zones
• Wifi Enabled
• Ease of installs
• Compatible with most major brands

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