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Refco Inverter Check Kit 4678571

Product code: 8001595


The Inverter Check-Kit is an invaluable tool for the analysis of problems with Duct Free Mini Split Systems. The kit is designed to be used in both installation and maintenance of Duct Free Systems.
The Inverter Check-Kit performs two basic functions. First it will tell you if the phase outputs in the inverter are operating correctly. Secondly, the data flow function tells you if there is data flowing in both directions between the indoor and outdoor sections. Since inverters are controlled by solid state boards that do multiple functions, the Inverter Check-Kit will tell you if there is a bad board and help you identify if the indoor, outdoor or both boards are not functioning correctly.
The inverter phase checker will indicate whether the Inverter board is faulty and by implication (if the inverter works then the compressor must be faulty) whether the compressor is faulty but it will not work if there are faults on both.
The kit comes complete with the electronic module with a set of leads for testing the serial communication links, as well as a selection of cables and connectors for the power output terminals of the inverter.

Refco Inverter Check Kit 4678571
Refco Inverter Check Kit 4678571

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