Tecumseh Compac Scroll 12HP PAS4614Z-3 XL 2x 500MM

Product code: 3508125


The COMPAC is a range of fully fitted packaged units featuring world leading Tecumseh Scroll compressors. The Scroll compressor allows for an ultra smooth and efficient operation due to the true rotating motion which enables dynamic balancing. Designed with space constraints in mind, the horizontal discharge condenser configuration suits unit placement in carparks, roofs, on the side of buildings and mounted above one another without restricting airflow.

Installation is simple as every COMPAC is optioned straight out of the box. Once installed, you can relax knowing the premium compressors and large condensers will deliver reliable refrigeration when you need it most.

Every COMPAC is built with high quality, corrosion resistant components, and extensive testing is completed on each unit, to ensure long life in the field. What's more, electronic overload protects against phase loss, imbalance, reversal, locked rotor and over-current to ensure excellent compressor protection.

Tecumseh Compac Scroll 12HP PAC4614Z-3XL 2x 500MM
Tecumseh Compac Scroll 12HP PAC4614Z-3XL 2x 500MM