It’s time for an update! As well as strenuous testing in our national lab situated in Melbourne, we have installed two field trails which are screaming with rave reviews!

While we are still testing these units, we are starting to see some enormous benefits when installing a DC-3 system over a standard refrigeration system, and we think some of this might grab your attention:

  • Simple to select - with only four models, the range of these units means more flexibility
  • Decreased install time - plug and play technology means trouble free installation and commissioning
  • Energy efficient - the return on investment means an easy sell to your customers
  • World leading brands - with the reliability of SCI, Carel, Tecumseh and Cabero you know these are built to last
  • Innovative Technology - this is the first of it’s kind in the commercial refrigeration space, this is your chance to be an innovator and lead the pack

Pictured below is the DC-3 field trial at a Seafood Storeroom in Cairns.