The COMPAC is a range of fully fitted packaged units featuring world leading Tecumseh Scroll compressors.

The Scroll compressor allows for an ultra-smooth and efficient operation due to the true rotary motion which enables dynamic balancing. Designed with space constraints in mind, the horizontal discharge condenser configuration suits unit placement in carparks, roofs, on the side of buildings and mounted above one another without restricting airflow.

COMPAC is known as the smooth operator. Do not be mistaken by the small footprint, these units offer big performance capabilities due to their large condensers and reliable compressors.

The series has been designed with extended copper tails to enable easier joining with press fittings by >B< MaxiPro.

Making Business Easier

The unit has a comprehensive suite of technical information and product specifications online making selection a breeze.

Installation is simple as every COMPAC is optioned straight out of the box. The COMPAC Scroll takes ease of installation to a new level. Gone are the days of lost paperwork, as every unit includes a QR code inside the casing which can be scanned to take the installer to a digital installation and wiring guide.

Plus, COMPAC Scroll now has a range of genuine spare parts readily available instore.

For more information on COMPAC Scroll speak with one of our expert engineers.

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