Cabero Heat Exchangers

Engineered in Germany to suit your needs.

Ebm-papst and Ziehl Abegg fans are used to tailor the airflow, energy usage and noise output to best match site limitations. Cabero offer tubes manufactured in copper and stainless steel covering HFC’s, CO2 and ammonia.

Robust Industrial Design Elements

Commercial evaporator ranges utilise 12mm smooth bore copper with thick walls, to maximise the life of
the copper and blue-fin protective fin coating. This maximises the fin efficiency throughout the life of the coil. The return bends are pre-formed using thicker walled copper, then soldered at both ends of the coil to ensure the outside of the return bend is as thick as the tube itself.

The commercial ranges also employ an inline (parallel) tube pattern, often used in industrial coils to reduce the dehumidification affect. The 35mm x 35mm tube centres are larger than those used in staggered designs, so the tubes are further apart.

In operation, the average surface temperature of the coil is higher with the inline tube pattern and so with each air pass, less humidity is removed.

Increased surface temperature provides higher operating room humidity, resulting in less product weight loss. For products such as fish, meat, fruit,
and vegetables, sold by the weight, this is particularly important. Air side pressure drop is also reduced, which minimises air side losses and fan power input.

Easy Installation

Models with 500mm fans are designed for rooms with 3m or greater ceiling heights, and packaged on a steel pallet with a plywood cover, making the installation quick and easy. The plywood cover lifts off and exposes the evaporator bolted to the steel pallet. From this point it is easily fork lifted to the ceiling where the coil can be permanently fixed into position, before being unbolted from the pallet. Safely the pallet can then be returned to the floor.

All fans and electric heaters are wired back to junction boxes and access points, with terminals provided for Carel or other electronic defrost optimisation.

Easy Maintenance

The end panels are attached with stainless steel screws via mouse hole cut outs so they can be removed and hung to one side on the same fixing screws. This
allows for easy access to the mechanical and electrical components.

The internally powder coated drip tray can be quickly hinged open for cleaning.

Cabero CH evaporators are designed for walk-in rooms and are offered with 300, 350 and 500mm fans. All models are available with air or electric defrost and some water defrost 500mm fan models are also available.

A wide range of Cabero evaporators are stocked throughout Australia to provide fast delivery to your premises or work site.