ICE for the right industry

To guarantee your customer receives the most efficient and effective ice machine for their business, ensure you consider their industry and which ice type suits best. A detailed ice production calculator is available online at

Large, Rounded Cubes: CB Series, C Series, Dispensers

Brema’s flagship CB and C ranges offer under bench or free-standing self-contained machines. This also includes modular heads to be installed above storage bins.

The dispenser series offers ice or water dispensing machines for free-standing or benchtop installation. Compact, cold and crystalline, the 13g cube is attractive and enhances the appearance of any drink.

Pebbles: TB Series

In between a cube and a flake, the TB Pebbles ice offers true flexibility. The small ice particles can be added to liquids for immediate cooling or easily blended for cocktails, smoothies and frappes. Perfect for bars and cafes.

High Production Fast Cubes: VB Series, VM Series, BIN Series

When demand for ice is high and you need it quickly, the 7g fast cube is for you. Quick to produce, the
7g cube is suitable for any business with peak ice demands. Perfect for restaurants, pubs, clubs, hotels, and fast food outlets.

Granular Ice Flakes: GB Series, G Series, G Split Series

In addition to ice cube machines, Brema also specialises in ice flake production. This range is excellent for presentation of meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. The ice moulds to the product seamlessly, keeping the product cool and fresh. Perfect for restaurants, fish shops and supermarkets.

Flat, Sub-zero fakes: Muster Series, M Split Series

These ice flakes are between -5°C and -10°C, so they are extremely slow to melt - making them perfect for packaging and transportation of produce. Perfect for fish shops, food transporters and primary producers.

Why Choose Brema?

Standard Features

  • Electromechanical - no PC boards
  • Italian design and manufacturing
  • Easy to use, clean and maintain
  • Tailored solutions for any space and volume specifications
  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service support hotline
  • Two years parts and labour warranty