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The Cabero PRO Series is the latest addition to the German quality engineered Cabero range – made with the same Cabero advantages but with the revolutionary Carel EVD Ice superheat control factory fitted.

Efficiency, affordability and ease of installation are the defining benefits of the latest Cabero Pro Series. And this time, Ultracap is optional.

With all the same high-quality features of the Cabero CH and CH-E evaporator series’, the Cabero becomes a PRO with the electronic expansion valve and controller pre-wired, while the Fast Clips provide quick and easy panel access. Ultracap, your option.

Not only is the total installed cost of a Cabero PRO reduced with a Carel EVD Ice fitted, but the PRO offers:

  • More accurate superheat control
  • Extremely fast commissioning
  • Faster temperature pull down
  • Increased refrigeration efficiency
  • Ability to float head pressure to gain further efficiency

Not your standard offer, the Cabero Pro Series is the key component to an ultra-efficient refrigeration system.

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Ultracap, your option.

Where power failures are expected to occur an Ultracap can be added as an accessory to drive the valve closed in the event of a power failure. The Ultracap is simply mounted with the controller and plugs into the existing IP65 rated plug. 

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The Cabero Pro difference goes further than the technical advantages of the Cabero make; it’s centred around the optional Ultracap, giving you more flexibility on your system.

If your project doesn’t require the entire package, simply opt for no Ultracap. Meeting specific needs, not standard needs.


Key Features:

  • Blue Fin protection
  • Parallel tube pattern
  • No soldering of valve required
  • No complex configuration
  • Factory fitted for ease
  • Fast Clips providing easy access

Universal Features:

  • Blue-Fin coating
  • Fans and defrost heaters are fully wired to junction box/s (IP54) with cable glands
  • High efficiency external rotor fan/s (IP54)
  • Air bypass panel increases efficiency by eliminating air leakage around coil
  • Separate fan compartments in all multi fan models
  • Reduced dehumidification and ice formation is achieved through the inline tube configuration
  • Unit casings are manufactured from high grade aluminium and powder coated white for greater corrosion and hygiene protection
  • Fold down drip trays, painted internally for easy cleaning. Thermally decoupled and detachable from the heat exchanger casing for increased defrosting efficiency