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Tecumseh EVO Hermetic Condensing Units

The Tecumseh EVO condensing units are perfect for most cooling and freezing applications including food preservation and storage. Available in Hermetic and SemiHermetic varieties to suit a number of needs, the EVO condensing units operate with the HTA “high temperature advantage” of large condensers to ensure reliable operation up to 43°C ambient temperature.

The Tecumseh EVO condensing unit range is an evolution of the HTA range, providing all the proven features of the HTA range with fully fitted units that are quicker and easier to install. The units offer contractors a cost-effective option for new and replacement projects, with numbered cables that make fault finding simple for future users.

EVO is quick and easy to quote, install and commission as it is fully fitted and wired. Tecumseh’s EVO series is stocked across Australia and matches perfectly with stocked evaporators, expansion valves and temperature controls.


  • Powder coated zinc plated steel construction offers corrosion resistance. 
  • The aluminium fins are protected with blue-fin coating. 
  • The fins are straight to reduce fouling and improve long term efficiency. 
  • Zeihl Abegg 800mm and 900mm fans. 
  • Fans pre-wired to IP54 isolator switches.

Semi-Hermetic Condensing Units

  • Available from 6 to 15 horsepower
  • Suitable for medium and lowtemperature applications with R134aor R404A refrigerants
  • Fully fitted including vibrationeliminators on dischargeand suction lines
  • Includes Carel fan speed controlfor varying refrigeration loa