Product Lists are a really simple way to group together a list of products and easily access them at any time for quoting or for ordering. These can be setup using maX on either our website or using the maX app. Below are a few ways you could use Product Lists to help with your business.


1. Stop writing out the same order every time

Take away the time spent writing out repeat orders or searching for products every time in maX and set up a product list. For common installs such split systems, condensers or compressor replacements you can find yourself ordering the same products over and over. With a product list, the entire order takes less than a minute. This process will also give you confidence you’re ordering the correct products every time without fail.


2. Easily manage your stock levels

You may keep your commonly used items stocked in your van or even in your own warehouse. An easy way to manage this stock is with product lists in maX. It becomes a quick and simple way to place orders for products which are low in stock. You will be ordering the correct product with every order and saving time making phone calls to the branch or searching for products in maX.


3. Confidently quote your customers

For jobs like split system installs, condenser installs or compressor replacements the products you’re quoting can be the same for each customer. With product lists you can save time and effort when preparing these quotes. With the correct products, accurate pricing and being able to add in your own line items such as labour, you can send across a professional quote to your customer within minutes.


Login to maX to start taking advantage of product lists for your business. Chat with your local Actrol branch manager to learn more.


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