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Introducing The New ACH Series of Condensers 

ACH comprises the highest quality German engineering, while offering efficiency, a sturdy casing and adaptability features. Regardless of if you are on a roof top, in a loading dock or on the side of a building, the ACH condenser offers versatile mounting options, enabling an easy install – no matter what the angle. Simply reconfigure the mounting feet on the ACH condenser to choose either vertical or horizontal airflow.

Engineered to stand the test of time, the ACH series does not take any chances on quality. Fitted with fans encompassing air straightener technology and a cradling collar, ensuring greater air throw and a whisper quiet unit. The condensers’ Smooth Fin design further promotes longer term efficiency, less contamination, easy cleaning and reduced fouling. Unique to Cabero, ACH is inbuilt with Safety Tube Expanding Systems (STES), a floating tube system.

What’s so great about STES?

STES is a floating tube system, which means the tube has no contact with plates, significantly reducing the possibility of leaks during transport and operation compared with other units on the market. Jam packed with all these great features and benefits, the ACH leaves you with peace of mind post installation and the guarantee of a long service life to come. 


     ach condenser fan  stes floating tubes actrol condenser

ACH Key Features

  • Vertical or Horizontal Air Flow
  • High Efficiency, Quiet Fans
  • Long Lasting Quality Casing
  • Smooth Fin Design
  • Safety Tube Expanding Systems (STES)
  • Models range from 12kW to 82kW total heat of rejection at 10KTD

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