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Introducing the new adjustable pressure controls PS1/PS2 and TI series of Thermo-Expansion valves in store

Emerson TI series of Thermo-Expansion Valves with interchangeable orifices are designed for refrigeration applications such as display cases in supermarkets, walk-in/reach-in coolers, freezers, soft ice cream/ice maker machines, milk tank coolers, transport refrigeration as well as for air conditioning and heat pump systems. TI provides flexibility in selection of capacity and is ideal for those applications requiring compact size with stable and accurate control over wide load and evaporating range. 

• Accurate adjustment on-site with low superheat temperature change per full turn
• Double O-ring seal to prevent leakages
• Removable cap by hand
• 45mm diaphragm for low and stable superheat
• Robust copper capillary tube and bulb
• 45 bar maximum working pressure suitable for R410A, HFO and HFO Blends
• Interchangeable cages capable of changing valve cacpacity in the field

Emerson pressure Controls

Introducing the new adjustable pressure controls series PS1/PS2 from Emerson. PS1 Single Pressure Controls and PS2 Dual Pressure Controls are designed for use on high and low pressure applications in refrigeration, air conditioning and heat pump systems, providing single device control of the compressor or other electrical device. These new controls have a wider differential and adjustment range, ensuring a large coverage of your needs.

• Wider kPa differential and adjustment range
• Cable terminals designed for ease of connection
• Independent testing of HP/LP via front toggles
• Separate alarm terminals for HP and LP to speed up trouble shooting