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On November 1 we said hello to our brand-new DC-3 Smart Refrigeration systems in stores around the country. This game changer is going to redefine the industry with a plug and play solution for walk in/reach in cool rooms.

We understand this new technology can be a little daunting for you and your customer, and like any good relationship, both parties should benefit and get the most out of each other. The DC-3 Smart Refrigeration system has several features and benefits for both you the contractor and the end user.

Features and Benefits for the contractor:
• Easy to select, install and commission saving you time to spend on your next job
• System arrives in a two-box kit, ensuring you won’t need a return trip to the wholesaler
• Condensing unit display shows real time information, so you know exactly what is happening as it is happening
• Smart Refrigeration technology ensures higher heat exchange efficiency, adequate oil return, and safety controls to ensure the compressor operates within its design envelope
• Easy maintenance with vital signs shown on easy to understand condensing unit display 

Features and Benefits for the cold room user:
• Less energy consumption for quicker return on investment
• Smooth line temperature control resulting in extended shelf life of perishable foods
• Quieter system with low noise outside thanks to the modulating fans and compressor
• Flexible capacity range means you have room to move with your cool room layout in the future
• Safety mode ensures continuous cooling if communication between components is lost

“The Cellars” Bangalow NSW Case Study – Winter Result

A DC-3 Smart Refrigeration system was installed in “The Cellars” in Bangalow NSW in August 2018 replacing some aging equipment servicing a bottle shop with reach-in display and a customer walk-in self-serve cold room. The cold room energy consumption was logged before and after install for a five-day period to show a snap shot of energy consumption.

• The average daily electricity consumption in August was 57kWh with the old refrigeration equipment.
• The average daily electricity consumption in August was 20.5kWh with the new DC-3 system.
• This points to significant energy savings

The DC-3 smart refrigeration system takes advantage of lower ambient temperatures by floating the condensing pressure down significantly compared to other systems. Any ambient below 30°C will see savings compared to a conventionally controlled on/off refrigeration system. 

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