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Introducing a simple plug and play refrigeration system, like a split air conditioner, but in the refrigeration space! This is the first of its kind as we know it and is really going to change the game. Not only is it incredibly simple to install, it is fully programmed, and extremely energy efficient.

To bring this system together, four renowned organisations united and worked together:

SCI - supply brushless DC Scroll compressor

Tecumseh - manufacture the outdoor unit

Carel - provide the DC control

Cabero - supply the uniquely specified evaporator fitted with EVD Ice

This is an entirely new use of technology to enable:

Perfect system control with stable regulation 

  • Continuous superheat set point modulation according to real cooling demand
  • Dynamic modulation of cooling capacity results in minimal “off ” cycles
  • More stable product temperature and reduction of defrost needs
  • Enhance the advantage of variable speed compressors
  • Automatic and easy to configure

Optimal energy efficiency with floating suction and condensing set points

  • Continuous suction pressure set point modulation by real time synchronization with the evaporators request
  • Optimum and stable suction pressure control
  • Compressor ON-OFF cycles reduced
  • High efficiency and stability with Siam brushless DC compressor

Long system life

  • Carel EEV controls oil return to the compressor
  • Evaporator wash cycle flushes oil out of the evaporator to maximize system efficiency
  • Speed Boost Function temporarily speeds the compressor to assist oil return

Additional Features

  • Brushless DC scroll compressor technology with an acoustic blanket greatly reduces outdoor noise
  • The control system will be fully programmed plug and play with wizards to make installation extremely easy
  • This will be designed for future refrigerants

We have been testing this unit in our Victorian laboratory expect energy savings of up around 30% compared to a conventional refrigeration system!
Our prototype was launched at ARBS and is expected to be in stock at your local Actrol in Spring.