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Talk about big! This years ARBS exhibition saw 7,526 visitors through its doors over an enormous three days from May 8th-10th. 

For the first time Actrol joined forces with Metalflex and Reece HVAC to stand united in the industry as an entire heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration offering. Spanning close to a massive 300m2, our stand was the biggest and right in the centre of the show, acting as a head quarters for those to stop by, grab a coffee and check out some great new products that are going to revolutionise the industry.

We would like to thank everyone who headed down to the brilliant new ICC in Sydney and made this ARBS the best to date. We truly value your interest and support and look forward to the next one back in Melbourne in 2020! Until then, check out the highlights from this year below.

We are excited to announce we launched some electrifying new products at ARBS 2018. If you couldn’t make it to the ICC in Sydney to see them in the flesh, here is a quick overview of our new products.

COMPAC - A new range of fully fitted packaged units with world leading Tecumseh hermetically sealed reciprocating compressors. Designed with space constraints in mind, the horizontal discharge condenser configuration suits unit placement in carparks, roofs, on the side of building and on top of one another, without restricting airflow.

EVO-AQUA WATER COOLED CONDENSING UNIT - The perfect alternative when air cooled units are impractical due to excessively high ambient temperatures or excessive fan noise. These models utilise performance-proven Tecumseh reciprocating compressors and high quality coaxial condensers.

ACPAC FITTED WITH VARIABLE SPEED DRIVE (VSD) - With a Factory fitted Vacon Variable Speed Drive, this range provides precise capacity control of your refrigeration system to match the system load at all times, resulting in energy and cost savings. The models are easy to install and commission and are suitable for either R134a or R404A refrigerant. 

EMERSON BALANCED PORT TX7 VALVES - The newest line in our Thermostatic Expansion Valve range is designed to operate in both normal and reverse directions. The optimum superheat control in reverse fl ow direction ensures excellent control of the system. With a larger power element, single diaphragm design and balanced port construction, the superheat will remain stable in varying operating conditions and partial load.

CASTEL ELECTRONIC OIL REGULATOR - With three optical sensors, a big sight glass, coloured level indicators and no moving parts, the new Castel oil regulator is more reliable, provides more accurate readings and gives better control of oil return. The regulator can also be specifically configured with customised refill and wait cycles and fits most common medium to large compressors.