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We want to make the way you track your cylinders easier and more beneficial, so we have been researching how cylinder management applications currently work for you and how they can work better. We’ve been working on this for the past 9 months and we’re pleased to say it’s finally here – introducing our new baby, Flexitrak.

We have shadowed techs, sat down with administrators, even simulated a cylinder’s journey, and realised a few common themes and problems you are facing. From this we have redeveloped Flexitrak, with a new technician focused app to help you track, measure, and transfer your cylinders in one complete management tool.

We listened, here’s the features you asked for that are coming!

VIEW COMPANY FLEET - Need some R22 but don’t want to go buy a whole 10kgs? See your full company fleet and whose holding what. Give your workmates a call and save time travelling to a branch.

TRANSFER CYLINDERS - Transfer a cylinder between techs, clearly passing the responsibility from one to another. You will be notified of the transfer too, so no more arguing about who should have what.

ADD YOUR ENTIRE FLEET - We know you sometimes buy cylinders from other wholesalers, save time when it comes to reporting your usage and reclaim by managing ALL your cylinders in one fleet.

MY CYLINDERS - Techs can manage their individual fleet in real time so they have more control over their stock.

EDIT WEIGHT - Measure and track your refrigerant. Used 3kgs of R427A at JOB 1234? Punch this in, so you know you have 7kgs left in your cylinder and remember where it went.

We're still listening! This baby is growing, and we want to work with you to continuously out-innovate ourselves. If you have any ideas on how Flexitrak can improve your work life, we want to hear it. Send all ideas to flexitrak@reece.com.au.

Log into maX and start managing your cylinder fleet better today!


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