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Leak Detection2 748x486px

Are Bubbles Best?

With summer just around the corner, things are heating up! Units are running harder, head pressure is higher and the chance of a leak is increased.
Rodigas bracket 748x486px

Lifting the standard in unit support

Rodigas manufacture a range of highest quality mounting brackets designed for air conditioning outdoor units, and are adjustable to suit a variety of unit sizes and applications.
R410A 20kg 748x486px

Keeping on top of HFC refrigerant phase-outs

As you would be aware there has been much discussion in world news about HFC refrigerants and their effect on global warming.
weytek scales 748x486px

Wey-TEK HDTM Wireless Refrigerant Charging Scale

Welcome to the most advanced technology in refrigerant scales!
SRC92ZMA S 748x486px

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ducted A/C 7kW to 20kW units

Smaller in Design & Wider in Range
IMG 1101 748x486

Actrol at ARBS

The 2016 ARBS trade show in Melbourne was the biggest ARBS show on record with more than 8,800 visitors.
evd ice 2015 Bitzer 748x486

Carel EVD Ice in Buffalo PS-EVD Evaporators

A game changing product is now available exclusively from Actrol and the Reece Group. The Carel EVD Ice is a complete system which includes an electronic expansion valve, controller and...
Sporlan Flow Control Valves Now Available 748x486px

Sporlan Flow Control Valves Now Available

A range of Sporlan TX valves, evaporator pressure regulators and 3 way heat reclaim valves are now stocked at Actrol.
Temperzone is now at Actrol 748x486px

Temperzone is now at Actrol

As part of the Reece Group, Actrol now has access to the Temperzone product range and we’re happy to be able to offer a range of their quality products to...
R22 Update 748x486px2

R22 Update

As of 2016, Australia has largely phased out the import and manufacture of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) - four years ahead of the schedule required under the Montreal Protocol.
Tecumseh EVO Condensing Units 748x486px

Tecumseh EVO Condensing Units

Designed for Actrol, the Tecumseh EVO condensing unit range is an evolution of the proven HTA range.
Walraven IMG 1316 748x486px

Adelaide Race Wrap Up

On the 9th of August, 621 players in the HVAC-R industry rushed through the doors of the Adelaide Convention Centre to learn about the future of the industry, mingle with...
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